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The mission of the Spectrum Juvenile Justice Services (SJJS) Residential Treatment Programs is to rehabilitate chronically delinquent youthful offenders. Our six specialized treatment programs provide long-term therapeutic services to meet the needs of chronic offenders, substance abusers, sex offenders, violent offenders and delinquent youth with specialized learning needs (cognitive deficits) and delinquent youth with severe emotional disturbances.

The core elements of our Cognitive Behavioral treatment program are referred to as the SJJS Chronic Offender Treatment Model. The treatment model addresses criminal offending and criminal thinking errors, and teaches each youth that they are personally responsible for the actions that have brought them into the juvenile justice system and residential placement. We offer variations of our foundational intensive Chronic Offender Treatment Model, based on committing offense and individual need.

Program services include anger management, coping skills training, social living skills and life management training, non-denominational religious services, and on-site medical, dental and psychiatric services. Services also include a highly structured, intensively supervised group and individual treatment milieu.

Educational services are provided twelve months a year in a structured, campus based environment. Ace Academy, chartered by Central Michigan University, offers a standard curriculum for grades 6-12, as mandated by the Michigan Department of Education. Course offerings include English, Math, Science, Spanish and Physical Education. All residents attend classes Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. All students take the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) Test, and eligible students may take the Michigan Merit Exam.

All SJJS treatment residents must complete seven intensive Treatment Stages to earn a successful release. The cognitive behavioral therapy interventions provided during each Treatment Stage are designed to change youthful criminal behaviors and create, encourage and instill responsible adult behaviors. Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) principles are infused throughout the treatment program to help the youth repair victim harm and reduce community risk.

The learning of new positive behaviors is reinforced through the use of a token economy system and privilege based level system. Termination is based on progress in the Treatment Stages, while privileges are based on behavior and self-control. Reintegration services including family therapy and supported family involvement.

Spectrum's commitment to the Prison Rape Elimination Act
Zero Tolerance for Sexual Abuse and/or Assault
Spectrum Juvenile Justice Services has zero tolerance for sexual abuse and/or assault of individuals residing in our treatment and detention facilities. For more information, please see our policy.

PREA Compliance
As demostrated by out federal PREA audit, Spectrum is fully compliant with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. This lastest finding further reinforces our commitment to protecting those we serve. Please see the results of our most recent PREA Audits of Lincoln Center and Calumet Center.

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